Where do my customers come from?
How busy is it around my OOH advertisement?
How long do customers stay in the store?
What is the impact of my loyalty program?
How do people walk through the store?
What place is popular in the store?

Understand what moves your customers in a physical world

Resono technology enables you to gain insights in physical spaces you never thought possible. You can compare this solution with Google Analytics for the physical world. It helps you understand a space effectively act and attribute upon customer visits and movement.

Measure uniques

Your customers live in a physical world. Gather insights on movement, understand and act upon these insights.

Marketing attribution

Attribute online and offline marketing spend by measuring the physical space in and around your locations.

Dwell times

Measuring what time a customers spends in a physical spot is often just as relevant as knowing they are there. We measure both.

Hyper targeting

Know who and why you are targeting them and make your marketing relevant and effective.

Understand flows

Stop measuring busyness at one specific spot. Start understanding how that spot became so busy.

Turn key

Using low-cost sensors and our proprietary carrier app network we can help you understand physical spaces quickly and effectively.

Recent cases


Partnering with OMD Resono developed analytics dashboards and insights driven campaign for Renault around the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven


Coca-Cola and Domino's Pizza worked with Resono to create a location based campaign which resulted in a 6% increase in restaurant customers.


Partnering with research agency KantarTNS Resono helped IKEA to better research and understand customer behaviour in their stores


Partnering with BrandLoyalty and Icemobile Resono created a location based support system for the IGA supermarkets loyalty program.

Find out how our solutions can help you


Actionable insights provide an excellent base for marketing and product strategies.


Understand customer behaviour and deploy hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.

Out of Home

Understand traffic around any out-of-home object indoor or outdoor and make the difference with insights.


Benefit from a data driven business model and/or enable relevant campaigns.

Resono solutions are trusted by

Holland Casino
Kantar TNS