Resono platform

The Resono platform offers an extensive set of sophisticated options to create contextually aware campaigns using beacon technology. It adds a new dimension of relevant functions to any new or existing iOS or Android app allowing for exciting new possibilities like proximity marketing, remarketing, retargeting and even clienteling and dynamic signage. Using user friendly visual interfaces anyone can create sophisticated campaigns without having to learn a line of code.

your apps

It only takes 1 – 2 hours to embed Resono’s SDK in your iOS or Android app. The SDK facilitates interaction with all types of beacons that are iBeacon, Altbeacon and/or Eddystone compliant. Once integrated the Resono provides a highly scalable offline touchpoint management system in which you can control your beacon networks, manage your campaigns and leverage proximity insight. All data is yours.

Control your beacons

Beacons are available in many different types from multiple suppliers. Beacon networks may be deployed over multiple regions and locations. Multiple apps may have access to these beacons with different rights. You may own the beacons or have access to 3rd party networks. Beacon networks will grow and change over time. The Resono registry management enables you to manage and control your beacon topology. You can define the exact location of the beacon, assign tags and rights to it, and have multiple insights about their activity over time.

Manage your campaigns

It is all about being relevant in the context of personal profile, location and time. You can define what action you would like to happen when a person is approaching and/or leaving a location: send a notification or a coupon to the smartphone, inform the manager, amend digital signage, feed physical retargeting, or feed your omnichannel marketing engine. All is embedded in a graphical campaign designer that can be used without any software programming skills. Campaigns can be switched on and off at any time.

Leverage proximity insight

The Resono platform provides you with highly valuable information about behavior at offline locations. This information can be used to enhance the profile of the visitor and/or the layout at the location. The platform provides you with an online dashboard about visitors and touchpoints. All data can be exported and integrated with other business systems and business intelligence tools.

Key functionality

Resono introduces the most sophisticated and easy to use offline touchpoint management platform. It allows organizations to beacon enable any new or existing iOS and Android app, deploy and manage beacon networks or work with external public and private beacon networks, create and manage engaging beacon campaigns and gather actionable analytics to leverage proximity insight and create meaningful interactions with app users and their environment.

Primary framework

Profile management

Leverage personal profiles ranging from anonymous app id’s to sophisticated fingerprinting embedding offline behavior

Visual campaign editor

Create highly contextual campaigns without one line of code with the user friendly drag-and-drop visual campaign editor

Proximity analytics

Analyze every aspect of proximity campaigns and offline locations with extensive analytics reaching from unique visitors to notification conversion, heatmaps, Sankey charts to live analytics dashboards

Contextual messaging

Proximity notifications

Have your own multilingual easy to use WYSIWYG editor to send the right message at the right time to the smartphone

Trigger context

Define your own business rules to determine exactly which relevant action to trigger at any offline touchpoint

in-app events

Stimulate usage of your app at the most relevant moments with the right in-app context

Relevant surroundings


Inform your customer service managers about who is entering the location and add contextual awareness to an in-store customer

Dynamic signage

Customize digital signage screens based on the profile(s) of the person(s) standing in front or close to them

Physical retargeting and remarketing

Leverage knowledge about offline touchpoints to retarget ads and have higher conversion rates or use offline user behavior to enhance your online communication

Easy integration


Easy to integrate with all type of business and enterprise systems as well as social media

Plug-in repository

Get access to a wide range of plug-ins embedding best practices for any type of action


The sophisticated SDK framework can be seamlessly integrated in any iOS or Android app. Native, Xamarin and Appcelerator versions are available


A broad scope of clients deploy the Resono platform on a daily basis to successfully create proximity campaigns and manage beacon networks.


Contact us and learn how you can start creating contextual marketing campaigns in an offline location using the Resono platform. Want to know more how beacons can be deployed? Check out one of the workshops or come and see the Resono team at an event.

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