IKEA GROUP with a worldwide revenue 38,8 billion (2017) is the world most well known retailers to buy home furnishings. In the Netherlands IKEA has 14 stores and have deployed the Resono platform to measure in-store customer movement. In cooperation with KantarTNS Resono placed beacons around the the walking routes in the IKEA stores. The IKEA ‘marketplace’ area has the permanent route with multiple short cuts for people who want to go to the cash registers straight away. Dwell time in the marketplace, the routes taken, number of visits and how many times customers return was a blind spot for IKEA. The Resono platform enabled IKEA to measure these important KPI’s and make the stores and in-store formulas more effective.

Customer goals

  • Learning from customer behaviour to create more effective walking routes in the stores.
  • Gather insights recurring visits to the store and the pattern shown by a recurring visitor. 
  • Understand customer behaviour based on the dwell-time of customers and the impact this had on their in-store behaviour.
  • Understand how in-store customer behaviour is linked to customer spend.
  • Research different store formulas and measure the impact they have on the customer journey and customer spend.


By using quantitative research, combining data with personal surveys there is been made a overview for IKEA that provide insights for in-store movement and purchase behaviour. 

Populair spots are analyzed suchs as kitchen, living-room showroom areas and also less visited areas such as curtains and carpets zone.

All possible in-store routes were covered by beacon signal. With beacons focused on short-cuts we were able to better understand customer behaviour.

By using the Resono Platform and Resono Mobile Audience IKEA and KantarTNS were able to gather in-store analytics with a very high and dependable N but without having to bother customers with questionnaires.


The location based insights are a part of a total research for improving store experience  executed by KantarTNS. 

  • Insights of different parts of the IKEA
  • Dwell time of visitors in the marketplace
  • Average number visits of unique customers and total visits
  • Number of unique visitors, recurring visitors
  • Insights of in-store customer behaviour and the effect on customer spend
  • Quantitative testing of new formulas
Beacon placed at in-store short-cut