How am I performing vs competitors?
How effective is our marketing campaign?
How loyal are my customers?
What is the impact of a new store opening?
How effective are competitors marketing campaigns?
How often are my customers in competitors stores?

Benchmark provides you these answers

Resono makes it possible to gain extensive insight in consumer behavior, understanding both your outlets and visitor behavior at competitor outlets.

Resono Benchmark provides direct and continuous insight into unique visits to any outlet in The Netherlands. This insight enables you to continually monitor and benchmark the effect of day to day business, campaigns, and loyalty programs.

Competitor insight

Get an unprecedented daily, weekly or monthly view how your outlet is performing compared to your direct and indirect competition

Fully transparent

The method of measurement and attribution are fully transparent and accountable; there is no black box or black magic involved so you can always trust the analytics

Cross visit analysis

Become aware of customer loyalty to your outlets and competitor outlets and understand how campaigns and loyalty programs influence this behaviour

Campaign attribution

Register your campaigns and competitor campaigns to track effectiveness of each, you can even measure attribution of your digital campaigns to store visits

Outlet dashboard

Direct understanding in one, some or all of your or competing outlets with the ability to visually drill down into the data

Turn-key deployment

Using a hand curated dataset with definitions of polygonal outlines of +50k retail outlets in The Netherlands Benchmark is easy to set-up with the ability to scale up instantaneously

Resono Benchmark is for everyone who wants to understand customer behavior


Benchmark your real world performance compared to your competition.


Measure the impact of your campaigns on your customer and the competitor of your customer.


Understand customer behaviour around outlets where your products are on sale.

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