Groupe Renault took the first step to offer electric mobility to residents and visitors during the Dutch Design Week. Visitors to the festival had the opportunity to become acquainted with electric driving by using one of the 45 shared Renault Zoë Design Rides. The Renault Zoë is a 100% electric car, to try the Zoë Renault did sponsor 45 test rides for the same purpose in the Lombok district of Utrecht and Paris. Resono partnered up to add a new opportunity for Renault. With the use of sensor technology in and around the Zoë’s giving Renault the option for retargeting the Dutch Design Week visitors and drivers of the Zoë’s.


Before the start of the Dutch Design Week we defined with Renault the questions we wanted to answer.

  • How many visitors drove a Renault Zoë?
  • How many visitors entered the Renault Symbioz House during the Dutch Design Week?
  • What was the time spend on the Dutch Design Week, in Zoë’s and the Renault Symbioz House?
  • How many Dutch Design Week visitors also visited a Renault dealer store in the weeks after the event?

Besides this Renault wanted to retarget visitors of the Dutch Design Week and specific the segment for Zoë drivers with a Renault advertisement.


We used beacons to measure how many people rode in a Renault Zoë. Also we installed  beacons in Renault Symbioz House where multiple Zoë were showed and more information was about future cars. We created a retargeting campaign as well to target visitors of the Dutch Design Week and place them in four segments: First segment who have seen near Zoë taxi’s, segment two who had visited the Renault Symbioz House, third segment visitors who had driven a Zoë themselves, and fourth segment general visitors of the Dutch Design Week.

These segments received the same banner advertisement with a tracking option to recognize the segment. The advertisement was targeted specifically to the Resono mobile audience. After finishing the advertising campaign we were able to mutual compare performance of the different segments.


With the analytics we made heatmaps of populair starting and leaving locations, heatmaps perfectly show the busied spots. We also knew the duration of time spend on the location. Instead of only knowing where people went to, we showed the details about how long a stay was at different spots. This is more interesting, the entrance and exit are always busy but the time spend is low.

  • On the Dutch Design Week Renault Symbioz house 49,7% of people who saw the House entered it as well
  • The younger audience did not use the design taxis.
  • People who visited Dutch Design Week only for one day were the most frequent users of Zoë taxi’s.
  • On average people spend 18 minutes in the Renault Symbioz House and 8 minutes in the Zoë cars.
  • Of all visitors 9,6% where seen after the Dutch Design Week at a Renault dealer