Different Kinds of Beacon Suppliers

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Beacons are made by different suppliers all over the world. They share the same goal: to provide companies with a tool that enables them to learn more about their customers. We don’t make our own Beacons at Resono, thus we set out to find the best supplier for us. We have used many different kinds of Beacons over the years, each with its own (dis)advantages. As a result, we can now recommend three suppliers that stood out for us: Sensoro, Bluvision and Kontakt.



The beacons of Sensoro are exceptionally easy to use and have many options to adjust the pace and distance of sending out Bluetooth signals. You can also choose to upgrade to the pro version for a small extra fee. The pro version can be turned off with a button and are waterproof.

The regular and pro beacon works on 4 triple A batteries and should last for at least four years. As an alternative they also have USB beacons. These are small devices, which do not use a battery. Instead, they use the energy of the device they are placed in. We used the beacons of Sensoro during various campaigns and we recommend them because they are easy adjustable and you never have to buy a new device, only the batteries have to be changed.



This Beacon supplier has multiple beacons, each with different pro and cons. As a plus, all beacons are easy to configure with a simple app. The ones we often work with are the small round beacons. The small Bluvision beacons have a button cell battery inside which should last at least for three years. The disadvantage is that after this period you have to throw them away because you cannot change the battery. Besides that, there are fewer options to adjust the range and speed of the beacon in comparison with the other suppliers. However, they are very small, making them an excellent option for on-the-go attachments or locations with little space. A Beacon with a different use case is the card edition. It has been made for employees as badge for identification purposes and is equipped with multiple sensors.



This supplier is the most innovating of these three suppliers. The Kontakt pro Beacons support Bluetooth 5, have an NFC chip, built-in accelerometer and light sensor. The NFC chip makes it easier to change the settings of a beacon. Just hold your smartphone close to it and the settings will be updated. Also, you can use this technology to “send” information when a device is near this beacon. A disadvantage of Kontakt Beacons is that it is not so easy to configure your Beacons, because you need to do this online in the environment of Kontakt. You need to make an account in order to configure the Beacons manually. The mass deployment is not easy to use yet, which is unfortunate when you work on bigger projects.      



When you want to opt for all-round excellence, go for the Sensoro Beacons. Their Beacons packed with 4AA batteries ensure a long life-span before the batteries needs replacement. Furthermore, a simple replacement of the batteries is enough: there is no need to replace the product.

However, sometimes size is an issue. If that is the case, there’s nothing better than the black “pucks” from Bluvision. Hardly bigger in a diameter than a coin, you can place them practically anywhere.

When your company is opting for high-tech, Kontakt is the clear winner. With additional telemetry such as NFC, an accelerometer and a light sensor these Beacons measure more than just proximity.

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