Domino’s founded in 1960, and is nowadays world leader in pizza delivery operating with company and franchised-owned outlets on a global scale. Domino’s mission is to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. In the Netherlands Domino’s has 200 outlets with the goal to grow to 350 stores. Domino’s and Coca-Cola worked with Resono to use use location based marketing with a special targeted coupon to increase sales in six cities.


Main goal was to gain insight in visitor and customer behaviour and use this insight to test if hyper targeting can be used to influence customer behaviour:

  • Can we persuade people passing by to come into the Domino’s restaurant to pick-up a pizza?
  • Can we make customers return to the Domino’s restaurant and become a recurring customer to pick-up their pizza?
  • Can an in-app mobile banner promotion effectively influence customer behaviour?
  • Is there a significant difference of the effectiveness between in-app mobile banners targeted by a geofence in 3 kilometer range and beacon triggered banners which were hyper targed only to people who visited Domino’s Pizza restaurants in the past.


Measuring six outlets in different cities with multiple beacons to gain insights from customer behaviour. Beacons were placed at the cooler, cash register, in the store, delivery bikes and outside the store to measure people who passed by. After four weeks we build up an audience of people who came by, into the store, and near the cash register. This audience was later targeted in the De Telegraaf app, showing them a discount coupon. The coupon codes could be received by sending an email to your email address or saving a screenshot to show later in the store. The coupon codes could be used by showing the coupon at the cash register or inserting the code at the online website. By tracking the source of a click we were able to see what the conversion was of the campaign.


Effectiveness of the campaign was measured not only by the performance of the in-app banner advertisement , but also by measuring the in-store result.

  • 6% increase in returning customers during the retargeting period
  • 14% increase in conversion rate of people who passed by the Domino’s vs visiting the Domino’s restaurant
  • 35% of all targeted people by using beacons clicked at least once on the in-app banner advertisement
  • 14% of all targeted people by using geofences clicked at least once on the in-app banner advertisement
  • 250% higher unique click through rate of hyper-targeted mobile in-app banners with beacons compared to the geofence targeted banners
  • Average in-store dwell time increased with 35% to 4 minutes during the banner period which was explained by the increase in number of walk-in customers during the campaign.

The positive results of the Domino’s Pizza campaign led to a constructive partnership between Coca-Cola and Resono to further expand on location based analytics and hyper-targeting. This mobile marketing method has since been scaled to every Coca-Cola serving outlet in The Netherlands enabling Coca-Cola to have unprecedented deep insights and analytics in their market and market potential as well as new digital tools to support any of their customers in influencing consumers to specific Coca-Cola serving outlets.

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